What can I expect on my shoot day?


1. Consultation


After meeting at my home studio*, every session starts off with a pre-shoot consultation. This will allow us to figure out what works best for you in terms of backgrounds, wardrobe, style and lighting. 

*address is given in the next part of presentation

2. Makeup

15 - 20mins

We will then proceed to makeup, if you choose to do so.

1.You can choose to bring your own makeup artist or

2. Use my selected makeup artist (additional $150)*


For men, makeup is not necessary.

For ladies, makeup is advised.

*for this option, please check with me regarding availability

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Based on the consultation, the session can take place in 2 different locations:

1. In my home studio (indoors)

2. Outside (outdoors)

Scenario 1: Studio

If your look(s) requires only a studio shoot:


We will begin shooting immediately after consultation.

Scenario 2: Outdoors

If your look(s) requires only an outdoor shoot:

We will start off with a 20min walk-around to scout the perfect background for your shot(s) before proceeding with your shoot.

Scenario 3: Both

If your look(s) requires both studio and outdoor shoots:

We will begin with the studio shoot followed by the outdoor shoot.

3. Coaching

I will be spending most of the time guiding you on how to best achieve a particular look we had set out for. The first look would generally take about 30mins. The process should speed up as we proceed on to subsequent looks.

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4. Review Session

15 - 30 mins

After the shoot, we will review all the photos together in the studio.

  1. I will give my personal opinions and justification for your best shots.

  2. You will choose your favorite shots that will move on to post-processing.

  3. If you are unhappy with your shots, we will go back to shooting more until you are happy!

After your review session, the shoot is done! You can leave knowing that your selects will be carefully retouched to perfection.

5. Proofing

Proofing is the process of approving the photos.

Within 3-7 days (depending on your package), you will be emailed a link to your private proofing page where your final, retouched photos will be uploaded onto. There, you can check to see if you are satisfied with the images. I will make changes until you are satisfied with your photo. Once you are satisfied, we will proceed to the delivery.

6. Delivery

Within 24 Hours from Proofing approval

Upon approval, a "download" option will be available on your proofing page. There will be options to download your images in Full High Resolution and Web size.

(Note: Hard Drive delivery option available at additional costs)

7. Enjoy your headshot and stay in touch!

You have finished shooting your perfect headshot. But do keep in touch. To show you my sincere appreciation, you will get 30% discount when you come back for your next shoot! 

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