What should I bring? What should I do?



The general rule of thumb is to bring more than less

Clothes To Bring:

A range of clothing from casual to formal

(my recommendation is to bring two sets of casual, two sets of semi-formal, two sets of formal)

Clothes To Avoid (for actors' headshots):
1. Patterned clothes (i.e. Stripes, checkered, sequences, etc.)


2. Clothes with logos, graphics or symbols

3. Strapless 

4. Overly bright outfits (you don't want your clothes to distract viewers from your beautiful face)

5. Clothes with too much details

Items to bring

1. Makeup kit (if you own one)

2. Props

If you're doing a fun/ signature look, bring two or more objects that are personal to you but do not relate to your career
For example, if you're a writer who likes music and sports, instead of bringing a pen (career-related), bring in a set of headphones, a pair of drum sticks and a basketball!

Not sure what to bring? Give me a ring!  [+1 323 601 9289]

3. Your positive energy

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1. Get Enough Sleep

You probably want to be at your sharpest and most spirited during your shoot. Come in with a good 8+ hours of sleep and you should not only look good, but feel amazing too!

2. Drink Water

A simple trick to having great skin is drinking about 500ml (17 Oz) of water hourly. Start doing this at least a couple of days before the shoot. Remember to hydrate before and after sleeping and your skin should turn out clear and fresh!

3. Be Awesome

Realize that my shoots are designed to be fun and crazy (if you're up for it!) I'll be guiding you through every step of the way so you should have absolutely nothing to worry about. Just show up and get ready to take those killer shots!

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